Denmark Swap

Reminds me of Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton

Danmark = Denmark, eh?

I wanna see a musical. In Broadway 😉

Too bad I haven’t watched many musicals in Jakarta. Only two so far: Teater Naga Ungu (because it was Bobo’s event and the venue is only 10 minutes from my house) and umm… Japanese musical at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (because I accompanied Satoko-chan). Ohh, if only Jakarta isn’t so big/had a perfect public transportation system I’d be a regular visitor at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. I need something better than Putri Yang Ketuker-Punya Anak-EH-Ketuker Lagi *staring at my parents who watch it*

Dengan kaitkata ,

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